What Dina ElSherbini is Facing is Bullying and We Need to Speak Up

Dina ElSherbini, the star who proved her talent so many times and stole our hearts back in Hekayat Banat, has been facing so much hatred lately and we need to speak up. ElSherbini had her own share of troubles like everybody else. She made mistakes and she faced the consequences. She fell from sky high to rock bottom and she found her way back up, yet, the people somehow insist on dragging her down once again.

Ever since the news about Amr Diab and Dina ElSherbini came out, people suddenly became all judgemental. Somehow, the majority of the Arab population thought that it’s okay to intrude in their lives and their relationship decisions. But that was not all.

ElSherbini was attacked personally and humiliated so many times. She started receiving comments that Amr Diab is probably too much for her, how she doesn’t look as beautiful and how her past is something they can’t forgive her for. The question here is, who are they in this equation? Where does this third party stand in the decisions both Dina and Amr make in their lives?

Now with the latest photo going wrong at GFF18, people found another chance to attack ElSherbini ferociously. People took it to the internet to mock ElSherbini’s look, weightloss and everything they could. And yet again, they played the “Amr Diab deserves better” card. However, ElSherbini had multiple fans and friends proving them wrong and showing how elegant and beautiful the actress is.

The hate Dina ElSherbini faces is nothing but bullying, and the worst part is that she faces it from parents who are supposed to teach their kids to stand up for bullies. It’s true that she is a public figure and she’s supposed to have people who love her and others who don’t, yet, nobody has the right to talk about her face, hair or skin tone. Nobody has the right to make sick comments about her body. That is the textbook definition of bullying, racism and discrimination and it’s totally not okay.

Bottom line is, we all take bad photos and we all make fashion crimes. So drop the hate. Dina ElSherbini looked happy in GFF, and she looks happier when Amr Diab is around and that’s all both of them need. You, me and every other fan in the world don’t have the right to approve or disapprove of their relationship.

Bullying is bullying whether you’re doing it to a celebrity or a young kid in a playground. We hope that people understand this and just let Dina live her life.