Ain Shams Releases The New Schedules And Students Hate Them

Just yesterday, the Ain Shams university schedules were released by the multiple student unions on their facebook pages, and college students didn’t seem to like them much.

The schedules faced a lot of backlash, and for a good reason; a lot of the schedules include days were students have to attend lectures/labs for 6-8 hours nonstop.

Students from different majors complained that they can never stay focused for that much time without getting a break and some of them argued that the schedules look like being high school schedules more than being university ones.

Here are some of the schedules that received a lot of complaints:

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University is never easy, but having classes for 8 hours straight is just inhumane, and it’s impossible to think that a student would have the ability to maintain focus for that much time.