13 Reasons why senior year is unforgettable!

I feel like being a senior is like being on a roller coaster of feelings all at once. You are ready to be a graduate and move forward to the next chapter of your life but you are so not ready to be a responsible adult all at once.

Here’s a number of thoughts and moments that you are going to go through in the upcoming year:

1- Registration day.4791cea4-6d83-4270-8ebb-5e77d0d55f63

If you are a “credit hours” students, I am pretty sure you don’t hate something as much as the registration day. The moment of the very last successful registration is priceless to be honest.

2- Last first daybe591af0-2f64-49ff-9981-7a38e7ca6448

Entering your campus for the last first day of University. This one feels weird.

3- No more desperate birthday celebrations.

If you are someone who is used to celebrating your birthday in the middle of midterms or even finals, you are going to feel super comfortable knowing that it’s your very last celebration in such a hectic mood.

4- Last deadline.3b16d7cd-e38b-4d97-a667-80568c753abb

Meeting the last deadline for your project. This one is the most relatable for those who work on the very last minute aka most of students.

5- Pictures turning into memories.

When you are trying your best to take pictures with every one especially if your university is hours away from home. You know deep down that you may not get the opportunity to see most of them again.

6- Graduation project.

The endless graduation project arguments and the sleepless nights because you are such a procrastinator and you are currently doing a year’s work in a couple of weeks.

7- University becomes no different than your home.f2f5e6b4-e03d-4394-a5f3-06d565782ea6

Justifying wearing a pajamas to your campus because you are way too cool to dress up like the newcomers.

8- Prom preparations, enough said.

9- Your feelings toward your college mates change

When tables turn and you end up the closest to people you once hated during your first year in university. This is one of the sweetest feelings though.

10- Soul of a child in an body of an adult.

I don’t feel like a senior. It feels like I am a big kid graduating and I will look ridiculous with the graduation cap.

11- Most of your money will get spent on outfits.

Being invited to a ton of proms and graduation ceremonies of all your friends and it feels like your notification tab is about to explode. It feels like you need a fortune to buy 100 new formal outfits to attend.

12- You seem the best person to seek advice from, when you’re way too far from that.

Newcomers asking you for tips to deal with their life while you are the one seeking advice.

13- You have no clue about what comes next.6f74d1b1-cd21-411e-89cd-a45788ee889e

When you are finally graduated and you had the best moment tossing your graduation cap. But unfortunately, you have no idea what to do with your life.

Senior year can be the best of them all. You have to be prepared to enjoy every moment as they will turn into unforgettable memories in the very near future.