Archaeologists Discovered a New Sphinx by Accident

Whenever someone mentions Egypt, the first thing that normally comes in mind is “3 pyramids and a sphinx”. Well guess what! There’s more than just one! Egyptian archaeologists have been doing some water draining work in Kom Ombo temple, when they were stunned by finding a new sphinx to add to the collection.

While the new sphinx might not be as huge as the original one we know, being only 28cm in width and 38cm in height (the original one is 20m height), the new sphinx is still a huge discovery in the field of archaeology.

via BBC
via BBC

Abdelmoneim Saeed, the head of Aswan’s antiquities department has said that further research needs to be conducted to gather more information about it. It is believed however, that the statue dates back to the Ptolemaic Dynasty which the same period of time when the Rosetta Stone was first issued.

A new sphinx now joins over 900 more, and now we await further announcements of which part of history is going to be revealed by this new discovery.