What you need to know if you are going on a euro trip

There are some things that you need to know before travelling to Europe so your trip wouldn`t be overwhelming. By doing these things, you will be relaxed and money saver traveler who will enjoy his trip to the max.

1. Inform your visa or credit card bank that you are travelling abroad

Many travelers face obstacles when they are abroad because of their credit card didn`t work and they couldn`t pay for whatever they were going to buy and that is specifically why you should pay your bank a visit before travelling so you would not go through any issues when you travel.

2.Travel by budget Airlines.

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Do not spend too much money on traveling from a country to another so you can save the money for doing different things in Europe; moreover, spending a little money on the airline wouldn`t bother you because there are cheap money wise yet good in quality airlines in Europe.

Don’t forget to take a look on the airline`s rules you are travelling by so you would avoid extra weight issues and baggage fees.

3.Travel with a suitcase you can carry

Moving from place to place and searching for train stations that will drop you nearby your hotel while carrying your luggage isn`t easy at all and specifically when you are walking on cobblestone streets or when you find out that the place you are staying doesn`t have an elevator and that you are going to carry your bag up to the floor you will stay at. Suitcases if are heavy and hard to carry will be the burden of you trip.

4.Don`t travel in an on season timing

Travelling in an on season such as Christmas will cost a fortune so try to avoid the seasons and travel in the off season because things are cheaper and you are going to save money, starting from the flights prices to the restaurants prices. In addition, travelling during the off season is the best way to avoid crowds.

5.Travel by the train

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Travelling by the train in Europe is another way of saving money and it`s much easier and cheaper than travelling by an airplane but don`t forget that this depends on your destination. You can book your ticket online in which you can read all the available options and decide what train you will travel by. Make sure that you are ticket is valid before you hop on the train.

6.Early reservations

Making all your reservations in advance is the best way to make your trip go the way you want to and as you planned. Not only that but also to stay in good places and to visit all the attractions in the country you are travelling too.Don`t miss visiting any attraction

7.Don`t miss visiting any attraction

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You should visit all the attractions and any popular sites because without doing you will miss an important experience of the trip. Not only is your trip about visiting all the attractions but it is also about walking in Europe`s streets that will make you run through many local areas and stores.

8.Bring a comfortable shoes with you

Your legs will really hurt in the end of the day if you wore uncomfortable shoes because Europe is all about walking and exploring its streets, stores, and even restaurants all by yourself. In addition to that you`ll definitely use the underground metro which means a lot of stairs and more walking.

9.Buy a local sim card from Europe

International plans Egyptian sim cards are super expensive and might cost you a lot so buy avoiding this buy yourself a local sim card when you arrive Europe that won`t cost you a fortune and make sure to know all your sim card`s plans and to charge its balance.

10. Pack the essentials for a euro trip

While travelling to Europe it`s always a good idea to have small umbrella no matter what season you’re travelling in. A daypack bag is also important because you`ll need a place to carry your phone, camera, passports, wallet, and any other thing you will buy through the day. It is preferred to be a medium size bag. Other essentials are such as your sunglasses, a travel adapter, a power bank, a sunblock, and most importantly a water bottle.