Here’s What You Can Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

One of the most repeated sentences that we literally say every single day is “I have nothing to wear”. This may end up in two scenarios, to actually manage to come up with a creative outfit by mixing up the pieces you have never worn together or by ending up in the mall one more time to buy more pieces that you don’t need. Those two scenarios don’t solve the main problem as you will end up repeating the same cycle in a couple of days!

We think that the key solution to solve this is to give your closet a deep clean. This will start by getting rid of stuff you don’t need and you -most probably- won’t ever wear. Here are our tips on what to get rid of.

1- Pieces with the price tag

Shopper looking at price tag

It’s hard to say it out loud, but we all have those pieces that we have bought a while back and for some reason we didn’t ever wear!

If something is hanging in your closet with a price tag for months, you probably don’t need it. This doesn’t go for evening pieces that are waiting for that special event though.

You can sort those out by giving them to someone who would actually love them as a nice gift or by selling them using Facebook groups or online websites.

2- Pieces that don’t fit well


We all have this tight piece that never fits and we promise ourselves on a weekly basis to go on that diet so, we could manage to fit in. The piece that shrunk in the washing machine and these extremely over-sized pieces that will never look good even with the help of a belt or paired with other tight pieces. It is time to wave goodbye for those!

3- Old fashioned pieces


Sometimes we splurge on very trendy pieces that we end up wearing during a season and never get to wear again. It’s fine to buy them every season because they are the key to cool outfits, but you have to be strict regarding what to keep through the upcoming ones. You will fall in love with the ones that you will keep wearing on and on no matter how old fashioned they may seem to others, but your love story with others may be over for now.

4- Abandoned pieces

If you spent months not wearing a certain piece, you can go longer without it in your closet. Sometimes a piece needs to be fixed, cleaned from a long lasting stain or pieces that need to be hemmed and you have been ignoring them since forever. You should actually fix them or give up on doing so for good.

5- Repeated pieces


You probably don’t need 5 shades of one shirt or two sizes from the same piece. Most probably you are wearing one of them or not at all!

You should try adding those shades to your outfits more frequently, buying pieces that are needed to tie the outfit together or keeping your favourite ones only.


Finally, you should know that keeping your space organized will help you to have a better mood because you won’t have to dive into piles of clothes that are not needed and will save you hours of staring to your closet on a daily basis. Give these tips a try and tell us how it goes!