Weekend Destinations: three amazing art hubs to enjoy

Wondering what to do for fun after a hectic week at work? It’s totally relatable. We all want to enjoy a good outing on the weekends. The ideas are countless: from movie nights, fun one-day workshops, concerts, music jams and so much more. Here’s where you should go.


Located in Al Abbasiyya, the place is considered an open space for people to express themselves through art and culture. Irth hosted and organized children’s open day, screenings of independent movies, drum circle, workshops in storytelling and carpentry and so much more. I first knew them through ” how to paint on your T-shirt” one-day workshop. How cool is that!

And if you are just interested in hanging out with your friends, they have set a lovely garden for you.

PS: you’d fall in love with the place just by watching thier cover video.

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Everyone loves a good story, especially when it’s about an old house in Zamalek that suddenly is turned into an art hub. The story started when the house belonged to an English director who lived in Egypt with his family. For unknown reasons, they move out of the place leaving thier stuff behind. Years pass till on 2018, the house reopens its doors an ” Art and Music hub” as described on thier FB page. The place looks like a gift from a time capsule. The decorations and antiques are really something.

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The place was designed to fit the name, the owners divided the spaces into 5 cadres: a classical cadre for bookworms to enjoy reading in a quiet place, african cadre for one or two persons to have thier own space, another one for workshops and rehearsals, a day starter pack one to enjoy the morning cup of tea and last but not least, a lovely balcony cadre. The place got a nice reputation around downtown for its distinctive movie screenings.