Angham and Sharnouby Sing Faker Zaman Together For GFF and We Can’t Hold Our Tears

El Gouna Film Festival is coming soon in its second edition, and it has already been the hottest topic for a while now. For the past couple of weeks, GFF has been throwing one bomb after the other to keep us at the edge of our seats for this year’s event!

It started out with the announcement that Patrick Dempsey is going to attend this year, the Yoummedin news, and finally the fact that the beautiful Raya Aborachid is hosting the event. However, that’s not everything. Just yesterday, Orange released a new single by Angham and Sharnouby, Faker Zaman, which was made specifically for the festival.

The song is going to give you a nostalgia trip. The continuous mentioning of legends such as Sabah, Abdelhalim Hafez, Ismail Yassin, Omar Elsherif, Soaad Housny, Roushdy Abaza and even more stars who left a print on all generations’ hearts was ultimately beautiful. It was more of a reminder to how art has shaped us, our thoughts and how we perceive love. And no vocals could convey the message better than Angham and Sharnouby’s.

Last year it was Talat Da’at and this year they gave us Faker Zaman. We can’t wait to see what other suprises GFF season 2 has for us!