Inspiration lost and found: dealing with creative blocks

What happens when we lose inspiration?
Most of our actions are inspired by something or someone. Even when we create something original there’s always an inspiration behind it to do so. A voice or a motive to do this and achieve that. So, losing inspiration is no good. To lose that source of ideas affects our lives in so many bad ways.

But to know in the first place, why do we lose inspiration?
It could be for so many reasons. The most common one is personal problems; when some issue makes us feel bad about ourselves in anyway tons of problems are led to. Creative blocks and barriers find a place in our minds so quickly. Also, being hard on ourselves sometimes turns out to be a negative thing. To compare our work and our achievements all the time with what’s better eventually lessens them. To always be in a rush for success, to look for the result and to hate the road leading to it. When we don’t accept failure we usually reach it. And when we do we get weak, and weakness affects our confidence.

But anyways, who don’t go through all this? Nobody.
All of us do that sometimes. However ambitious, strong or confident you think you are, going through a creative block is probable.

Dealing with a situation like this would vary according to each person;

  • To go with it:

Some people would prefer to accept the fact that they can’t find their inspiration for some time rather than to go harder on themselves without a proper result. Although this one is not so comfy if your career is affected.

  • To check your past achievements:

This always leaves a positive vibe for everyone. Looking back to your successful work proves that under any circumstance you can do it. It makes you believe in yourself again that you got through something and you finished it till the end.

  • To have some me time:

Personally I think this is very important to have on at least a weekly basis. It really does a great change to make yourself some time to enjoy the things you love. Don’t forget yourself through your liabilities and get over your fun time.

  • To check inspirational content:

Make sure to listen to inspirational stories occasionally. If you’re into reading find books that have an inspirational impact on you. Read biographies of successful people in your field to believe that behind every great story there were so many hard times.

  • To sit back and relax:
  • Relaxing is required every now and then. Don’t stress yourself most of the time. When things go wrong, try to figure out why and start again. Try to hold yourself through the first stages of creative block to avoid going into deeper levels.

    Most importantly, to accept the fact that it’s okay to go through all this and it’s a normal thing to happen, only look up to exceeding it.