Cairokee, Ahmed Malek and Salma Abudeif Work Together to Raise Awareness on Aids Through this Video

Last night, Cairokee posted a new music video on their Facebook Page with the headline “Know, Understand, Don’t Discriminate” to raise awareness on living with AIDs/HIV.

The Video features a remix of the song “A Drop of White”, featuring new vocals by Hana Ghoneim and Rita Ashkar. Starring Ahmed Malek, Salma Abudeif and Karima Mansour, the video shows events taken from the real life stories and struggles of families that live with HIV/AIDs. Despite reflecting a lot of pain and suffering, the video ends on the positive note of reaching out for help, getting support, and leading a wholesome life.

The video gained immediate response and attention on social media, with nearly 400,000 views in less than 24 hours and over 1000 comments on Facebook, praising the band for their sound, their presence, and their empowering impact on the Egyptian community. Needless to say, we were taken by the powerful message and the tremendous dedication that went into putting this together, and we’ve all got the song on repeat.


Earlier this week, The Egyptian Ministry of Health launched its national campaign for AIDs elimination, in cooperation with The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDs (UNAIDs). The goal for the campaign is to eliminate AIDs by the year 2030. In a statement with Al Masry Al Yom, the Director of the National AIDs program Walid Kamal assured their optimism for reaching this goal. He also mentioned that the ministry has already implemented integrated programs to protect children with mothers infected with HIV.


The Director of UN’s AIDs programme Ahmed Khamis stated that 36.9 million people worldwide are infected with AIDs, and only 75% of them are aware they have the disease.

You can do your part today by visiting the UNAIDS website and finding out how to get involved with the awareness efforts. You can also read more on living with AIDS/HIV here.