This is How Smartphones Reek of Anxiety

Mankind is constantly on technological progress, huge features are put into smaller and more handy devices, new devices come out everyday providing entertainemt, convenience and easy access to diverse resources, but unfortunately, we’re making wrong use of a magnificent feature that it turned out to drain our brain power.

A very wide spectrum of youths nowadays are fully dependable on smartphones that they almost can not imagine how life would be without them. The fact that they’re loaded with options makes it harder for us to let go of our smartphones, that is why they hold on our attention and have negative influence on our behaviors. Saddening how the most fascinating qualities of these devices are the reason behind this influence on our minds.

Despite providing continuous internet connectivity, smartphones do not contribute in building a better social life, but the total opposite. The constant internet connectivity locks up its users to virtual socialization which by time influences the individual’s behavior, specially negatively affecting his real life socializing skills.

The appealing speed and the usefulness of the device might be unbelievable features, they surely look fascinating, but being fully dependable on a palm sized device weakens our intellect, and we slowly lose the one gift god privileged us over his other creations.

Not to mention health problems and serious diseases as a consequence of being exposed to the continuous magnetic fields and other emissions

Nicholas Carr conducted experiments on how we respond mentally to our smartphone’s beep; we become totally distracted, and in case of not being able to answer, our blood pressure rises and pules quickens, which obviously has an undesirable effect on work quality.

There’re lots of alternatives to being over a smartphone all day.

Read a book, write, follow podcasts, or draw. Drop off your smartphone and do something useful.