Your Guide To A Healthy Hair: How to Understand Your Hair Locks

One of every girl’s dream is having the perfect hair which can be silky smooth or perfectly curled. But instead of pinky dreams, we find ourselves facing our biggest hair nightmares as hair fall, breakages, split ends or unruly curls.

Since Hair is every woman’s best accessory, here are some tips, tricks and hacks for healthier hair:

  • Hair Porosity:

It’s very important to run the hair porosity test so that you can know which types of oils or moisturizers you can use in order for your hair to benefit from. Hair porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture and it’s a very simple test  all you can do is spritzing a small section of curls with water and watch how your hair reacts – does your hair absorb the water quickly (indicating high porosity) or does it remain on top (indicating a low porosity level) or does stay in the middle (indicating medium porosity level).

  • Hair Washing:

Ditch the daily washing your routine. It’s very important not to wash your hair too frequently even if you have oily scalp. Excessive hair wash cause more oil production and can damage your hair and affect your hair growth. So, you only have to wash your hair once or twice a week and you can use a dry shampoo for the rest of the week. It’s also important to dilute your shampoo with water before applying it on your hair.

  • Hair Products:

It’s important to use the hair products that suits your hair and it doesn’t  mean that they have to be very expensive. When it comes to shampoo you need to stay away from shampoos that contains chemicals as par ban, silicon or sulfate as they cause damage to your hair.

It’s also important to use the right amount of products at the right place. Try to concentrate your shampoo on the first few inches of your scalp where your hair produces more oil. When using the conditioner, apply it from the mid shaft to the ends where your hair the driest and is prone to split ends.

  • Regular Trims:

Get regular trims even if you are growing your hair because you might feel that now you’re growing out your hair so there’s no need to cut them. Try to a trim your hair every six to eight weeks in order to avoid split ends because if a hair splits, you cannot repair it. This will further prevent your hair from harmful breakage.

  • Drink Water And Eat Healthier:

We need to pay more attention to how food affects our hair as much as it affects our skin. It’s important to drink a good amount of water on a daily basis and choose foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, iron and protein that can lead to healthier hair and a happier scalp. Omega-3 fatty acids make up 3% of your hair shaft so, they are vital to keep your scalp hydrated and you can find it in fish, walnuts and almonds. Iron is important for your hair growth and you can obtain it from dark leafy greens like Spinach. Don’t forget that your hair is made of protein so, a lack of it can lead to hair fall.

If you have any other healthy hair secrets, share it with us in the comments below.