Chuck’s opened its doors in Alexandria and all other cities now demand that goodness!

Not so long ago, Alexandria was hit by a killer American restaurant that is called Chuck’s. We were lucky enough to be there and see the magic happen from day one.

Founded by a group of fresh grads, Chuck’s opened its doors after months of hard work. A team of professional chefs came together to bring you the best taste of burger one can ever imagine. The interior designer managed to make the place a piece of America in Egypt, with all the bridges, stars and Statue of Liberty hand drawings on the walls.

Picture via Chuck’s Facebook

Now on to what’s most important; the food. Chuck’s offers a wide range of burgers that no one has offered in the whole country before. The Mamma Mia burger is practically different cultures put together between buns, it’s made of a burger patty alongside with hummus and baba ghanoush; it sounds crazy and tastes crazy good!

Picture via Chuck’s Facebook

Another thing is the stupid cheese burger. It comes with a syringe so you can inject the cheese into the burger and watch all that beauty oozing! If that doesn’t make you hungry, we don’t really know what will. Did we mention that you get free fries with every sandwich?

Picture via Chuck’s Facebook

On to the next on menu, Chuck’s offers the famous Greek gyros, and up until this moment, it’s the best we’ve tasted, like EVER! The menu also includes some really good chicken sandwiches, WINGS, salads, mac n’ cheese, some of the best fries with various toppings, and more!

To cut it short, Chuck’s offers everything a real foodie would want. So, if you’re an Alexandrian, you’re lucky to have that in your city. If you’re not an Alexandrian, make sure to pass by this place whenever you’re in the Mediterranean pearl.

Ps. This is not a paid ad, it’s our genuine review of the place.