7 interesting snacks with 100 calories or less

Whatever plan our doctors offer, we only listen to the limit number of calories to eat each day, we never follow the boring routine of dull food and we just manage it in our own ways. Hence, checking the number of calories of everything that passes our lips is just the basic and only rule we follow, that’s why we collected the best and the most interesting snacks to try, only 100 calories or less!

  • One cup of grapes

Grapes are so underrated in our lives, and when people think of using it, they mix it in some recipe and get wine, however the grapes are full of vitamin B and C and are very beneficial for preventing cancer and strengthen the heart health

  • Popcorn (max 6 cups) 

Nothing is more interesting than a box full of popcorn, it’s the best snacks to eat while watching a movie or following the latest episode of your favorite tv series, another pro is it will fill you up so easily!

  • Yoghurt with honey

Your best option for dinner, it’s always the easiest and the tastiest to have before heading to bed, however it’s not recommended to eat anything at night but if you insist, go for it!

  • Pretzel sticks

Yes! Surprisingly, pretzel sticks have 108 calories, it may be the less healthiest option but it’s tasty!

  • Dark chocolate

Chocolates are always the favorite option, how can you have it in your diet and say no?  Dark chocolates can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease it also facilitates weight loss, no need to think twice

  • Blueberries

If we only had blueberries more in Egypt! However you can find blueberries in smoothies and ice-cream, and don’t worry, it still gives you low calories

  • Apple Slices with Peanut butter (one apple max)

Nothing’s better than dipping the sweet of peanut butter with the souring of green apples, the benefits of one apple a day is just so cliche, and if you add peanut butter the mix just get better in every way

A side note: Try to follow your doctor’s plan just as scheduled and maybe try these options as alternatives snacks, also don’t forget to fitness, countless benefits!