“Bakrah El Regala”, A Wonderful Entertainment or A Proof of Double Standards

Every now and then social media platforms get exploded with something so controversial and huge that gets everyone talking about one topic and one topic only. Let it be a concert, a big event or even a facebook group. And the award of the most controversial topic of the season goes to… *Drum roll*
“Bakrah El Regala”

As hard as this is, our team decided we should take a subjective and an unbiased point of view regarding the subject. We decided we should reveal “Bakrah El Regala”, the good, the bad and the ugly, and let you guys tell us what you think.

The group was first created on facebook by a bunch of female friends who decided they want to unleash their sarcastic hate on men in a men-free zone. Second by second the group became more popular amongst the girls of Egypt and at the beginning, the group’s purpose was for girls to share their experiences with guys. That included them sharing the guys’ names, pictures and other information exposing them explicitly to everyone on the group.

On one hand it first started out by a small group of people who just wanted to share the bad experiences they had with their exes, but on the other hand imagine if it was the other way around and boys were actually sharing girls’ photos and private info?


One day out of nowhere the group became crazily popular, and almost every girl in Egypt became a member. The social media had a buzz, and girls couldn’t stop posting about how amazing and funny the group is. Naturally of course all the posts exposing boys’ information were removed once the group became crazily popular as it became the new material everyone was going to mumble about for the next god knows how long.

However, some girls may view “Bakrah El Regala” from a different perspective. Some girls may have an insight of the group as an outlet for funny stories, advice or even just normal gossip. Actually right now that’s what the group is all about. Girls sharing their stories and experiences with guys so that other girls may learn and not fall for the same mistakes. It’s also about the humour  and the girls making fun of their previous situations, and sometimes even making fun of themselves.

There are two different mindsets when it comes to judging the group. But what do you think about “Bakrah El Regala” (now known as “Her Diary”)? Do you consider it a fun group or a mistake that wouldn’t be considered as fun it was the other way around?