Sharmoofers’ Zamba is Out Now and its Everything You Need to Dance the Stress Away

Not so long ago, our Instagram stories were all filled with photos and videos of Bahaa, Moe and Sary Hany alongside with the Carousel team. Everyone knew then that a new hit is coming, and today, it finally happened!

Sharmoofers dropped their latest song, Zamba, today in collaboration with Sary Hany. The song is the second release in their upcoming album, Infesam, following the very famous Moftaked El Habiba. As expected, hours after the song was dropped, it literally broke the internet.


This song is hands down our new favorite. Every single detail about it was both eye and ear pleasing; starting from the costumes chosen by no other than the talented Gehad Abdalla, the beat that makes you dance in a minute, the choreography, and the lyrics which are a competitive edge for Sharmoofers because let’s admit that nobody can make you dance to Zamba Zamba other than them.

While watching, we couldn’t help but wish that Bob, Moe and Sary would come to our offices and light up our dull work days with a kickass tribal party like that one in Zamba. Didn’t you?