Pastor Under-Fire For Groping Ariana Grande At Aretha Franklin Funeral

The entire world took the internet the previous night, slamming and attacking Bishop Charles H Ellis III who was seen putting his hands on Ariana Grande‘s body during the service of Aretha Franklin funeral.
It was during the funeral of the American singer, Aretha Franklin, who passed away on August 16. Bishop Charles was giving his preach, after the 25-year-old singer performed the Queen of Soul’s hit (You Make Me Feel Like) and was standing by his side when his arm was seen enveloping her back, his hand squeezing the side of her chest.


Since then the pastor has been under fire, people accusing him of sexual misconduct and how he was extremely inappropriate. While on the other hand, some people went as far as body-shaming Ariana, saying that she was the inappropriate one seeing the dress she attended/performed at the funeral with.

The pastor issued a public apology, stating “It would never be my intention to touch any woman’s breast. Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too familiar. But again, I apologize

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