5 Signs You Are With The Wrong Person

When you are in a relationship, you might be blinded by love which doesn’t make it easy for you to see the reasons behind your mixed emotions or why you started to doubt your choices. Maybe you’ve chosen the wrong partner but you couldn’t notice at the beginning because wrong isn’t always obvious, and that’s what makes relationships tough. So, when you reach that moment when you start doubting your choice, or when your family and friends start noticing how much you’ve changed, you need to stop and think because sometimes we don’t see something is wrong until we change our perspective or think about what we want and what’s important to us.

Here are signs to help you know if you are with the wrong person.

1- You don’t feel like yourself:

Everyone is noticing how much you’ve changed, you start doubting yourself, you always feel like you wear a mask when you are around your partner. All of these are clear signs that you you are not with the right person because your partner should love you as you are.


2- You are in denial:

You always feel that there’s something wrong but you try not to think about it or try to convince yourself something is right when you know deep down it is wrong. Whatever the real reason is, if you are working hard to deny problems within your relationship, it’s likely you are with the wrong person.


3- You avoid serious topics:

When you notice that you avoid discussing serious topics with your partner in order to prevent a fight or an argument, it’s a clear sign that your current relationship isn’t right.


4- The relationship revolves around your partner:

An important sign that proves that you are with the wrong person is when you start to feel that it’s always about them and what they want and what they feel or how they look.


5- You can’t imagine your future:

When you can’t see a future for both of you together or when you avoid discussing your future plans, it is likely that he/she is not the one for you.


As much as you want to follow your heart, you have to think logically and consider all the aspects of your relationship. So, if the cons outweigh the pros, let logic be your guide and find the person who you can be happy with.