US Open 2018: Roger Federer Ages Like Fine Wine.

One hour and 44 minutes were enough for the five-time champion, Roger Federer, to wrap up a clean victory (6-4, 6-1, 7-5) against Nick Kyrgios.

The Swiss man, 37, had totally proofed that age is nothing more than just a number by a magnificent shot that only held Kyrgios and the fans in disbelief.

Roger was on the lead by two sets to love at the time he produced this beauty by easily reaching Kyrgios’ drop-shot and winning a forehand around the net post.

Roger Federer

“You don’t get an opportunity to hit around the net post very often, You can’t train for that” Federer said.

The twenty-time Grand Slam winner explained how impossible it is to train an around the net post shot, as it will eventually lead to running into a fence at the training courts.

“These shots can only really happen on a big court.” he elaborated.

Nick Kyrgios

The Australian star immediately mouthed “Oh My God!” after Roger’s stretched forehand winner. Kyrgios seemed to stick in his place and not even have a chance to defend the ball.

Kyrgios went straight to the net to congratulate Federer for producing this moment of magic.

“If anyone else is doing those shots against me, I’m probably not too happy. But it’s Roger.” Kyrgios said.

This shot is ranked to be one of Federer’s best throughout his entire career, alongside his smash against Andy Roddick in Basel, and most importantly, his tweener against Novak Djokovic at the US Open in 2009.

Roger Federer, unarguably the GOAT, keeps amusing us on the court at the age of 37, and it’s time for the right question; Is he even from this planet?