Khaled El Gendy – The Egyptian Cleric Vows to Donate His Organs After Death

Khaled El-Gendy, the well-known TV cleric and the member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs has announced that he plans to donate his organs. The announcement was held at his show “La’lahom Yafkahoon” (In Hopes They Would Understand) on the DMC television channel. He then claimed that by doing so, he’d become “closer to God” and so that people in need may benefit.

Gendy continued to admit that, while he is unsure about the process, but he is hoping that by doing so he would contribute in helping people. The presenter added that the reason he was saying this on air was to ensure his family goes through with his will, “I say this on air to put on my family the duty to carry this out, since they are listening to this for the first time as well.”

He then jokingly congratulated whoever gets his heart, seeing as he has been taking good care of it.

Considering that donating organs is not ever-present in Egyptian society, the Parliament’s Health Committee is currently calling for a culture of post-mortem donation.

Althou  Dar El-Ifta had stressed that organ trade was still considered haram and that the process must preserve human dignity and operate within legal frameworks under supervision from specialists that would ensure the passing of the donor and the health of the organs but El Gendy’s announcement shines light on an issue that has seen conflicting opinions amongst Islamic scholars.

Egypt’s ex-Grand Mufti Nasr Farid announced that donating organs is permitted in Islam as long it abides by Islamic rules that scholars agreed upon, the same mentioned above.

The controversy ended in a win-win situation for both sides. Although The Cleric’s move is indeed to be respected but the support of organ donation by scientists and medical specialists is to be taken in consideration, yet religious support still matters.