#GoingSuccessful: Sarah El Refaie’s Passion Takes her From Advertising to Cooking

Imagine being steps away from doing something you’ve been dreaming of only to find yourself pregnant of twins and you can’t even leave your bed? Well, that’s practically what happens in Sarah El Refaie’s #GoingSuccessful story.

Sarah graduated from the AUC with a major in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in political science and psychology. She worked in the advertising field for years, when she first started, girls were sharing recipes at her workplace and she thought of giving it a try. The mother of two said that her first dish ever was a total failure, yet, she enjoyed the whole process of buying the ingredients and playing around with the food.

After multiple tries, Sarah gained wide experience in the cooking world. She bought books and took online courses and that’s when she decided to follow her passion and start a catering business. However, before that could happen, she found out that she’s pregnant with twins and she couldn’t even leave her bed for months.

Her stay in the bed introduced her to the blogging world. Sarah found out that there’s a huge world that we’re missing out on. She learned all the tips and tricks about blogging, photography, how to talk and how to style food; she spared no effort to bring the content we see today on Kitchen Keys.

Sarah says that she does her best to simplify things. For three years, she worked hard enough to make premium quality food a thing you can easily make at home. Even her videos reflect that vision, the sound of her kids running around the house, the utensils used are available in markets and even the ingredients aren’t something hard to find. She tries as much as possible to give her followers the best of both words; oriental food that you’d eat at your grandmas’ place and restaurant like dishes from different cuisines.

About Kitchen Keys, Sarah says that she doesn’t even remember what life was like before it. It introduced her to different people, she made friends and she tried things that she never knew she liked. While the passionate cook still has some unfulfilled dreams that include studying at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, she achieved some great milestones and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Middle East including Coca-Cola.

Kitchen Keys gives Sarah a place to unleash her creativity, to be an artist when she styles her food, a photographer, a public speaker and much more while she can still take care of her kids. Now have you found something that makes you wake up excited every morning like Sarah? If not, then you’d better keep looking!

If that’s not a success story, we don’t know what is! Way to go Sarah, you prove to every single woman out there that following your passion and taking care of your family are not mutually exclusive! Make sure to follow Kitchen Keys on Instagram and keep up with Sarah’s creations.

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