The 21st Death Anniversary Of Princess Diana: 6 Memorable Moments Of Her Life

Diana Princess of Wales died on August 31, 1997. She was only 36 years old but had left such an imprint in the world that till this day 21 years after her tragic death, people are still in awe of her. So, to honor the people’s princess and the queen of hearts, here are 6 memorable moments of Princess Diana’s life.

1. The Revenge Dress

Who could ever forget that iconic moment when she took her revenge upon Prince Charles and Camilla Parker? It was back in 1994 and Prince Charles had just admitted to his affair with Camilla. Dina wore the little black dress right after his announcement to the Serpentine Gallery Event. The dress was designed for Diana three years prior, but she always felt it was too daring, however, she changed her mind right before the gallery, though, and thus the “Revenge Dress” was created

2. The Dance with John Travolta

It was back when Princess Diana was becoming a style icon and her appearance at a White House Gala definitely set the bar high. While visiting President Reagan in 1985, Diana wore an exquisite midnight-blue evening gown designed by Victor Edelstein. The dress was dubbed the ‘Travolta Dress’, as she danced with American actor John Travolta, and the pictures of them gliding around the room spread like fire.

3. The Taj Mahal Portrait
Princess Diana posed alone in the traditional Portrait taken at the Taj Mahal back in 1992; the photo was quickly spread worldwide, people taking it as a symbolism of the marriage between her and Prince Charles, and how Diana felt quite alone and alienated.

4. The Wedding

When Diana married Prince Charles in July 1981, it wasn’t the royal wedding, nor the dress or even the tiara that shocked the world. But it was the fact that Diana actually omitted the word “obey” hers and Prince’s Charles vows, which were read from the Book of Common Prayer and was the first royal bride to do so.

5. The Minefield Walk

On Jan. 15, 1997 Princess Diana walked through an active minefield in Angola, to highlight the danger and the threat of life that people who live there. The world quickly gushed over Diana’s courage and compassion to bring to spotlight such a dangerous and important issue.

6. The Tell-All BBC Interview

In 1995, Diana sat down with Martin Bashir for a tell-all interview for BBC, an interview that left the world both shocked and heartbroken. In the interview, Diana opened up for the first time about her long battle with depression after the birth of her first son Prince William, and how the royal family turned their backs to her.

I felt like I was the first person ever in the royal family to openly cry and nobody knew what to do

Diana also revealed her struggles with eating disorders and self-harm, admitting to “hurting her arms and legs,” as a cry for help and that she would throw up her food as a way to cope with the pressures of her life.

The fact is Princess Diana is a true goddess that will forever be membered not only by the royal family but by the entire world. She’s truly is the Queen of Hearts.