Zawya Cinema Screens 20 Of Chahine’s Movies In September

” Egypt’s most acclaimed – and most mysterious – director died on Sunday “. 

This is how the Guardian announced Youssef Chahine death back in 2008. The controversial Egyptian director passed away leaving cinephiles devasted and shocked. Not only this, he also left behind a rich legacy of more than thirty-seven cinematic movies, five short one, a lifetime achievement award on Cannes 50th Anniversary and so much more.  His movies witnessed the launching of Omar Al-sharif career in ” The Blazing Sky “. Also, Majda El-Roumi was presented as a young aspiring singer in ” Return Of The Prodigal Son”. And even though he passed away, his movies still have a lot to reveal about the Egyptian character.

Throughout his movies, Chahine tried to reach the human inside of each us regardless of his religion, nationality or gender. Righteousness, Good, and Beauty, the absolute values Chahine encaptured in his storylines.


And today, after ten years of death, his movies still reveal much about the Egyptian character, life, death and the unstoppable quest of man’s philosophical questions. Probably that’s why Zawya decided its comeback program would be Youssef Chahine: The Restoration Project. Starting from 12th of September, Zawya will be screening twenty restored copies of Youssef Chahine’s movies. The chosen movies to be screened are: Daddy Amin , Lady on A Train, The Blazing Sun, The Desert Devil, Dark Waters, My One and Only Love, Farewell My Love, Cairo Station, Saladin, Dawn of a New Day, The Land, Return Of The Prodigal Son, Alexandria, Why? 178, An Egyptian Story, Adieu Bonaparte, The Sixth Day, Alexandria Again And Forever, The Emigrant, Destiny, The Other.


The project aims to revive Chahine’ movies and reserve their spot in theatres once again.  People are already excited about the program. Get back to us with the movies you want to watch and what did you like about them. Till then, enjoy Majda El-Roumi – Return Of The Prodigal Son, one of the movies signature songs.

Image credits: Zawya Cinema