Mohamed Salah and His Agent Took it to Social Media to Demand Answers From the Egyptian Football Association, Again

Just recently Egypt’s number one footballer Mohamed Salah has taken it to his official twitter account to complain about the Egyptian Football Association being non-responsive and uncooperative.

While the reason behind Salah’s anger was unknown, his manager, Ramy Abbas went further and explained what’s going on in a tweet.

It didn’t take long for the association to respond to Salah’s tweet. According to FilGoal, the association issued a statement denying being contacted by the footballer, and saying that they were only contacted by his Colombian agent.

They also issued another statement saying that they are not responsible for looking into players’ private problems, and that Salah is to be referred to discipline board for sharing untruthful information.


This is not the first time Salah has faced legal problems in Egypt. Last April, Salah had to go through the copyright issues of having his picture used by WE while he is being sponsored by Vodafone.

The Association is supposed to have a board meeting today and to announce the meetings details and conclusions at 4 PM. Now we just wait to see what that meeting will hold for Salah’s future as a member of the Egyptian national team.

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