Your Detailed Guide to Giving The Perfect Gift + Ideas

A gift can say a million things words or even gestures cannot convey. They say “gifts of love keep giving”, but how do you put “love” in your gifts? Many, if not all, of us have a really hard time in finding the perfect gifts for those around us. You want your gift to be personal, cute, beneficial and also timely, and this is definitely harder than it sounds.

So if you are one to have such trouble, here’s how to choose the right gift for any occasion:

Understand your recipient: Interests & Needs

You should know enough information about your gift-target. Take notes, make lists of what they love, their interests, hobbies and whatever about them that may define who they are. Here’s a list of ideas for different types of people that may help:

  • Music lover: Concert tickets, iTunes, Spotify or Anghami subscription or membership to any paid music service, posters or books about their favorite artist or band.

  • Sports fan: Tickets to a game, favorite team t-shirt, signed balls or any piece of memorabilia.

  • Bookworm: A first edition or signed copy of a favorite book, electronic reading device, bookstore gift card or you might take them to a book signing by their favorite author.

  • Foodie: Subscription to a cooking magazine, take them out for food or buy them fancy cheese or desert, reservation at a restaurant they’ve been dying to try, cooking classes.

  • Fashion freak: Gift card to their favorite store or online shopping platform, clothing item they’ve had their eye on or something by their favorite designer or brand, subscription to a fashion magazine, accessories (scarves, socks, jewelry, etc.)

  • Traveler or outdoor enthusiast: Clothing or gear for their favorite activity (swimming suits, surfing shorts, etc.), an accessory they will need (backpack, sunglasses, etc.), club membership, plane, bus or train tickets to their favorite city, guidebooks or maps for a place they’ve wanted to visit.

Bear in mind the age and gender too.

A gift for your mom can include jewelry, a cookbook, any book she’d love to read, or a poem you wrote about her, meanwhile a gift for your dad could be tickets to a sports game or a watch. Both could love perfumes or mugs.
If you are gifting a teenager, you could bring tickets to movies, CDs/ DVDs, gift cards, a diary, electronics.

One of the most favored gifts are stuff that the person needs, if you know those you might as well put together a care package.

Know the occasion

There are infinite occasions you would want to bring gifts for; baby showers, birthdays, engagements, weddings, valentine’s day, mother’s day, anniversaries, graduations and any milestone or event that can cross your mind. Therefore, you have to bring a gift that suits the occasion.

  • For an anniversary or valentine’s: You’d want something romantic or special between you and your significant other, or something that will get both or either of you pampered, i.e.: spa vouchers, jewelry.

  • For a wedding or a bridal shower: Something for the house will be a great idea such as: cookware, frames, a set of platters, a fancy tray, ornaments, a wedding canvas, pillowcases, or a vase.

  • For a birthday: Bring something more relevant to the recipient and his/her own interests and needs like mentioned above.

  • For a baby shower: Get things for the baby or their room; pjs or onesies, bottles, blankets, soft books, toys, bibs, bath sets, nursery lamps or memory books that record a baby’s firsts.

Set a budget

The amount you should spend on a gift depends on the occasion, your relationship with the recipient and of course your own capabilities.

Thus, take this into your consideration so your gift doesn’t seem overpriced or cheaper than expected, but also note that it’s not about the size or the price, it’s all about “value” and it’s the thought that counts.

Seek inspiration


Employ your recipient’s name, picture, monogram (name initials), favorite quote, or favorite object in your gift, on things such as mugs, pens, pillow cases…etc

Look into DIYs, if you made the gift yourself, it will have a special value and they will appreciate that you took the time and effort to do something just for them.

Examples: A scrapbook of your memories, a photo frame with a picture of the both of you, a jar with 10 reasons why they’re the best, an A-Z list of your memories, a CD of songs that remind you of them…etc

Pro tip: Check Paillettes – By Farida Nagy

Turn the gift into an experience

Nothing is more joyful than the event of gift unwrapping, for both the giver and the receiver. So don’t just spend time and effort on what’s inside, turn the gift into a complete experience rather than resorting to regular packaging.

  • Hide the gift somewhere and let your recipient go on a treasure hunt to find it. You may drop some clues to add to the excitement.
  • Place the gift somewhere they are used to accessing on a daily basis and let them be surprised to find your gift just waiting there.
  • Sometimes even quantity can mean quality! A number of small individually wrapped items can be intriguing.

However, simple wrapping paper or just a cute box will definitely do.

Make them laugh

Know someone who loves bananas? Give them a whole carton. Go with funny alternatives for your personalized gift, for example a t-shirt with a funny line or even a miscellaneous gadget they never thought they’d have.

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with FOOOD; chocolates, cupcakes, a fries bouquet or even some shawerma sandwiches!

Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t panic. Think slowly and take everything into consideration, and you will find the right gift that will please your recipient and in turn, you too.