Sherif El Gazzar Saves 4 Lives in China After his Family Agrees to Donating his Organs

Last Wednesday, Egyptian-Greek Sherif El-Gazzar became a national hero in China after his family agreed to donate his organs to save 4 different Chinese patients.

Sherif, 37, went on a business trip to Jiangmen, in Guangdong province,where he fell and got his head severely injured. He was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to Zhujiang Hospital in Guangzhou. Upon arriving to the hospitals, doctors announced that a surgery won’t help the case, and shortly after, Sherif died from a brain hemorrhage.

The hospital asked for the family’s permission to donate his organs, and after discussing the case with their mother, his sister signed the papers as they believe that that would’ve been Sherif’s wish. It was even broadcasted on the Chinese TV that the family believes that it will help them knowing that Sherif’s organs will help save someone’s life.

Sherif’s sister signing the donation papers. Via ElMasry ElYoum

“We all believe that Sherif would want us to make this decision,” his sister told the newspaper.

“He has always been a very kind, caring man, always paying attention to friends and family, and wanting to give the best to the people around him.”

Sherif’s organs helped save four lives that include a 30-year-old woman and 50-year-old man receiving kidney transplants, a 46-year-old patient with chronic hepatitis B and liver failure received his liver and his heart is set to be transplanted to another patient.

Via ElMasry ElYoum

His sister received much gratitude from employees at the hospital and family’s of the recipients of Sherif’s organs. He’s being celebrated as the first foreigner to ever donate organs in Guangdong and the 10th in China as a whole.

Rest in peace, Sherif.