Man Gets Murdered Protecting His Wife From Harassment.

Abu Yusuf beach witnessed a terrible murder during Eid celebrations earlier on Friday. The murder took place right after a man was trying to protect his wife by facing up a sexual harasser. The two men went into a jangle that led to stabbing the husband to death.

Security services arrested Hassan (unemployed, 39) for a premeditated murder. Later, a recording of the crime went viral all over social media. 

The following video shows too violent content and graphics of the incident.

Furious followers demand maximum punishment and execution of the accused, in consequence to sexually harassing a woman and murdering her husband.

The crime is being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Department and nothing new had been revealed till this moment. Lawyers claim the case will go in the direction of a scrimmage which will only result in 3 years of jail for the accused.

The incident took place not so long after the fifth-settlement’s sexual harasser was considered an iconic hero and not even punished by the bare minimum.