Are girls more responsible than boys? Researchers answer!

There has been a long term debate on the subject that whether females are more likely to bear responsibility or not. This battle between sexes will remain vigorous to a lot of people. However, the idea of which sex is more prone to be intact with more responsibility remains very vague to this moment.

From a very young age girls are taught to abide by certain rules and guidelines and they prefer doing so for a safer choice. Nevertheless, Guys were given the chance to explore further behind the rules and norms. So naturally girls are more held and accountable for their actions than boys.

A study, by Clair Cameron from the center for advanced study of teaching and learning at university of Virginia, has found that kindergarten girls have better self-regulation than boys and they were able to comprehend what they’re asked better than boys. The research also discovered that boys were a whole year behind girls in self-regulation skills than girls who have already grasped on the skill.

Another debatable issue was multitasking, scientific researches has proven that women are better when it came down to multitasking.  Researchers from University of Glasgow has proven their point in a study held in 2013, where women were able to hinder multiple of tasks at once unlike men who were a little unfortunate in holding their ground.

Multiple of studies have proven that women are financially smarter than men when it came to money. Noble prize-winner Muhammed Yunus, creator of micro-credit loans phenomenon, has found that women are more likely to repay loans than men, and the house that’s financially controlled by a woman is less likely to have shortages.

Haphazardly, touching down on the subject of who’s more responsible than who cannot be completely determined with a 100 percent certainty. Responsibility differs from one person to another depending on how everyone was raised and their background whether a male or a female. Without a doubt there are men who are more privileged in bearing responsibilities than women and the opposite may hold.