Movie Review: Alex Overhyped StrangeLove

Have you ever watched a romcom with an ice cream bucket, a bag of tissues next to you and asked yourself what could possibly be worse than a heartbreak? Well, let me tell you what’s worse: having great expectations for an indie romcom movie on Netflix and realizing it’s an overhyped hour and a half problematic movie that had so much potential and then just flopped.

Alex Strangelove is a movie that discusses an important issue of how boys in high school might go all the way just to prove to themselves and people around them that they are straight instead of just embracing who they are. The movie’s basically about a boy who finds the perfect girl for him, become bestfriends and then they give in to the chemistry and date. For some reason his girlfriend is very eager to devirginize him, so she outs him to his friends saying that he refuses to sleep with her and then his friends spend the rest of the day making fun of him. Keep in mind that there’s this strange obsession with sex throughout the entire movie and a strange okay-ness with everyone that they’re pressuring a guy into sleeping with his girlfriend.

Then he meets Elliot. A heartthrob dork who you cannot help but fall in love with. Which leaves Alex confused as to why he’s attracted to some guy he met when he’s supposedly very in love with his girlfriend.

This is pretty much a movie that tells you that for everything to fall into place it has to first fall out of place.

My problem is that this movie’s character trope is supposedly based on how everyone throughout the movie consistently bring up that we’re in the 21st century and thus it’s a lot easier to embrace whatever sexuality you are without being ashamed about it, and yet, throughout the entire bloody movie, there are straight-white-male categorized jokes about the different sexualities being embraced. Like how poly is described as “whatever the fuck that means” or how there are so many sexual orientations now that “nobody’s ever plain straight anymore” or that if you’re bisexual then you have to listen to Panic! At The Disco and wank to photos of vampires. Or worse, how a straight-white-female guilt trips him into being okay that she outs him as a gay guy because that would “help her move on”.

Not to mention the consistency of calling girls sluts throughout the movie.

Everything about this movie is wrong. Everything. It’s a huge disappointment and it really should have been done better. Because if anything, it’s just one more time cinema has did the LGBTQ community dirty.