4 LOTR Friendship Goals That We All Want to Have

We all binge watch LOTR since it came out to cinemas and online for all the magic and to see whether Frodo will make it to the mountain of fire or not. The knights, the loves and the wars get us on our feet through the sequels till the happy end where Good kicks Evil’s ass. But have you ever noticed something else about the famous trilogy? It’s purely based on friendships, strong ones indeed. But for these friendships, none of the characters wouldn’t make to his happy-ever-after. And so do we.

1. Bilbo and Gandalf


A grey wizard and a hobbit from The Shire. What adventure has brought these two together is beyond me. With so many differences, they kept sincere emotions of compassion and friendship over the years. Bilbo is the loving life person who knows how to amaze audience and throw a remarkable party, while Gandalf adds tricks and mystery by his presence. Bilbo looks for protection by Gandalf when it’s time and Gandalf always took care of his good pal.

2. Frodo and Sam

At first it seems as if Frodo was the wise and burden bearing type of person and Sam is the supportive and loyal fellow of his. Sam listened over to Frodo and Gandalf conversation, and wanted to come along. To protect Mr. Frodo and follow him wherever he goes. Despite the danger and obstacles they faced, he never gave up on Frodo .. not even for a second. Frodo appreciates Sam’s existence in his long and frightening mission. Whenever Frodo get tired of fighting, he knows that Sam got his back and ready to fight alongside him.
The most touching thing about them is that Sam came back to rescue Frodo when he discovered Simgels’ monopoly to part them ways.
It’s clear not that Sam is the hero behind the scenes but Frodo is the one with the cape.


3. Pippin and Merry

The besties kicked off as two lousy hobbits who are reckless and irresponsible. They blew fireworks at Bilbo’s party and might steal a vegie or two from a nearby field.
They still show a brave attitude for joining the fellowship of the ring. Dark times really happened to show the best of them. When the war separated the trouble makers, they never lost hope of finding each other or to find the rest of their shattered group.
To me, they were like the salt and pepper to this delicious recipe.

4. Aragorn and Legolas

I like to call them ” The overqualified/ inseparable pair ” as the two seem to know everything and get away from ever trouble they get into.
They understand each other silence, look and probably think of the same idea at the same time. The fact that Aragron is human and Legolas is an elf really strengths their relationship, like two puzzle pieces complete each other.