Marwan Younis SINGS and Launches a Mysterious Page Under the Name of El Farafeer

A new summer day and a new summer hit invading our timelines crazily. Just a couple of hours ago, social media sensation, Marwan Younis-who also took part of Enti Ay Kalam- dropped the latest trend with El Farafeer.

The lyrics are simple, Marwan is basically explaining our summer plans with every famous celebrity/social media star you can think of dancing in what seems like everyone’s new favorite dance moves.

Eih yala yala yala da features Hany Adel, Sharmoofers, Jamila Awad, Hana Shiha, Bakri Khaled, Mohamed Mekawy,Tameem Younis, Daliah Galal and much more! Literally, every single shot is a surprise celebrity showing up on your screen.

The video follows a series of #بجدXالساحل that has been posted regularly by Marwan. The aforementioned series gained wide popularity amongst users for giving realistic Sahel representation mixed with Begad Man’s incomparable sense of humor.

Now the most intriguing part about this is that Marwan Younis launched a page under the name of El Farafeer and it invited all its followers to party in Sahel and Gouna.

We’re not quite sure what will this page hold for us, but whatever it is that El Farafeer does, we want more of it!