Eid Now vs Then: People Shared Their Thoughts On How Everything has Changed

Eid Al Adha celebrations are approaching us with its joyous moments. But recently, it hasn’t been the same as we’ve always been used to. Eid was perceived as a spiritual feast that gathered families, friends and neighbors.

Traditions are constantly evolving, the past wasn’t like ancient times of course, but the real taste of Eid has changed. It may be traced to the fast paced world we live in or different political and economic factors or even the different ways we socialize lately through social media.

When we reminisce about Eid back then, we remember eagerly waking up so early in the morning to pray Eid prayer. You get to meet everyone at the mosque whether your family, friends or neighbors. But lately, this feeling cease to exist we find the mosque deserted from our relatives and people we thoroughly used to enjoy our Eid with or even failing to wake up early with a longing to pray Eid’s Prayer.

“Eid meant to me going to my grandparents and gathering around with the whole family and hosting dinner parties, but since they’ve passed away everything is not the same anymore. Everything is utterly different and everyone is busy with his own affairs.” – N.H

“Social media definitely plays an extensive role in today’s society. How we socialize lately has altered Eid’s spirit. Even when the whole family gathers again everyone is busy showing how they’re enjoying their time when they’re not really paying attention to the moment.” – M.S

“I think everything has changed since Sahel abruptly came into the scene. I feel peer pressured when I find that my friends are at parties and clubbing in Eid. It was a spiritual holiday for families to enjoy.” – A.A

Studies have recently shown that Instagram is the worst social media tool to use for your mental health. People, we’ve interviewed to know how they feel Eid has changed, have all felt the pressure to be celebrating Eid behind a camera screen. They’ve also stated how much they hated that everyone was on their phones during gatherings.

In a darker sense, it might be overwhelming to consider how Eid will be changing throughout next generations from now. But it’s safe to say that we still have the ability to enjoy what’s left of the spirit as much as we can before it’s completely gone.