The Most Elaborative Movie Guide to What’s Showing This Eid

Eid El Adha is knocking on our doors next Monday, and you might have not made your plans yet. This Eid will be loaded with exciting movies from different genres that are a must to watch. The leading stars varied in movie genres as the interesting race this year includes comedy, action and thriller.

1. Bany Adam:

 The silver screens welcome back drama legend, Youssef Al Sherif. We’ve all missed Youssef since his last movie (Al Alamy, 2009). This Eid we get to watch him back to his top level in his new thriller hit (Bany Adam). Alongside Youssef, Ahmed Rizk and Dina Al Sherbiny were set to take roles.

Adam is a businessman who is accused of criminal acts. As the police are on a vital mission, is he going to get involved? or is there a mysterious side of the story we don’t know?

2. Al Badla: 

Tamer and Akram Hosny come together in a new light comedy movie. The story revolves around Akram that attends a masquerade party as a police officer, that later, puts him in trouble as impersonating a police officer, while looking for a specific file.

3. Torab Al Mas: 

One of Ahmed Mourad’s bestseller novels will be brought to the silver screens this Eid. This movie is expected to be the most anticipated product of the year, based on what success the novel had made.

The story-line looks very exciting even for those who didn’t read the novel. A medical advertising representative who works in a pharmaceutical company lives a monotonous life. Taha is able to attract doctors to the drugs he promotes, after a serious crime is committed, Taha’s world changes forever as he gets exposed to new things in a new world full of crime and corruption.

4. Al Diesel: 

Mohamed Ramadan did not get out of his track this year. He plays Badr El Diesel, a Doppler who lives in the slums. Later on, Badr gets to meet cinema icon and star Donya Al Sayyad. His fiancee – who was Donya’s assistant- was murdered, so Badr wills to avenge his lover’s death.

5. Al Kwayseen: 

The famous “El Kwayes” family may seem to be a normal family, but through a series of comedic events, they look as far from normal as they really are. The movie stars the beautiful Shereen Reda, Hussein Fahmy, Ahmed Fahmy, Amr Wahba and more uprising faces that we cannot wait to see what they have to offer the big screen!

6. Bekya: 

The story revolves around Mostafa, played by Mohamed Ragab; researcher in the drugs of cancer and AIDS. An international organization knows about an Egyptian researcher that might save humanity so they plan to kidnap him. Mostafa fakes memory loss and lives in a scrap mold until the completion of his research. At the end of the story he tells his friends about the issue, and the police arrests the international organization.

Which movies are you watching this Eid?