The National Council for Women Launches a Polling App on Women’s Issues

The National council for women (NCW) reportedly launched a new opinion mobile polling application called “Nas’alak” (We Ask You) on women’s social issues. The application was an initiative by NCW that embarks on gathering open data from the public through opinion polls on different issues related to women data to promote sustainable development.

The application tackles issues from reproductive health, early marriage, and education to sports issues.  The NCW stated that the result of a poll tackling early marriage issue 76 percent disapproved of girls getting married before they finish their education. While another poll showed 58 percent of respondents agreed that minimum age of marriage should be 21, while 29 percent saw that minimum marriage age should be 18 years old, while 13 percent believed that minimum age should be 16.

In another poll that tackles whether a woman should work after marriage or not, 62 percent of the respondents agreed and 38 percent did not agree. While in another poll that tracked whether a woman can balance her life between work and home, 55 percent of the respondents agreed that a woman can balance her life, while 45 percent disagreed.

Concerning the proposed law that criminalizes denying women of their inheritance about two thirds of respondents approved of the law while less than third disapproved.

According to NCW, the application allows participants to propose questions to the application users to get to know others’ issues on different social issues.   This came as a move by the NCW to trigger and engage the public opinion in the application.

Ladies, tell us what do you think about this initiative by the national council for women?