The Apple Mainframe Has Been Hacked…Again

After the famous incident of the celebrity photos leakage, you would think that a company as big as Apple would secure its mainframe enough to make it become impenetrable for the sake of their reputation. However, recently the FBI has arrested a 16 year old kid from Melbourne, Australia, for hacking into the Apple servers and downloading about 90GB of secure files from customer accounts.

According to The Age, the teenager – who wasn’t named for legal reasons – had hacked into the Apple servers multiple times before he was detected. The boy is reported to be well-known in the hacking community worldwide, which might explain why the whole case has been kept low profile and private.

After his lawyer was asked about his motives to do that, he said that the boy wanted to be connected to company’s internal systems. He also mentioned that the boy has always dreamed of working for Apple.

Maybe he thought that by hacking into their systems, he might grab Apple’s attention and have them hire him. Unfortunately this didn’t happen, and he is now awaiting being sentenced next month.

Next time you think your files are secure, you might want to think again about it.