5 Reasons Why Tamer Hosny’s “3eesh b sho2ak” is This summer’s Hit so Far

Every year, we wait for the album that will be what we all call “the summer soundtrack”; the one that plays on all the beaches, in all the cafes, and that you hear coming out of every car that passes by you. Being one of the top trends in journalism and social media, with 13 songs and millions of views, so far, this year’s album is, no doubt, Tamer Hosny’s “3eesh b sho2ak”.

And here are 5 reasons why:

1. Variety

It has everything! The songs of the album are different and varied, better yet, suiting all tastes. We have the happy and cheery, the sad, the romantic, the one about finding the one, the one about choices, and the one about betrayal or heartbreak. I just can’t think of anyone who can’t find a song to relate to in this album.  It even has “w akhiran” from his upcoming Eid movie “El badla”.

2. The collabs

As part of the awesomeness and variety of the album, it has 2 collaborations. First, his duet with the beloved Cheb Khaled in “wenta ma3aya” and then his quatro with Ahmed Sheeba, Diab & Mostafa Haggag “100 wesh” which is currently the #5 trend on YouTube.

3. Marketing & distribution

Hands up to Tamer for the marketing and merchandise of this album. It’s to be considered a huge step in the journey of Tamer Hosny Productions. Starting from the sharp packaging of the CDs, to selling the album on a special, branded flash memory, to the golden CD that he teased about till he revealed that it will be distributed in his concert in Golf Porto Marina; just excellent branding.

4. Timeliness

This album came out in a great timing starting with “3eesh b sho2ak” as the teaser and then the rest of the album – It’s just the perfect summer tunes.

5. Professionalism

Tamer Hosny keeps proving that he is an international icon with his work. Even if you don’t like him, you just can’t deny that he works professionally. He is always looking for ways to develop himself and his productions and to present new content. Tamer and his team have been working on this album for 2 years and we have to admit, we can see the effort. It’s a complete package of everything that’s competent in the music scene; good lyrics, pleasant composition and distribution and even original video clips.

It’s not just us, everybody says he works differently from all the other stars.

“He thinks marketing, he thinks audio, he thinks picture, and that is very important.”

– Hady El-Bagoury, Director of 3eesh b sho2ak’s video clip

Let’s not forget mentioning that this album was sold out just 3 days after its release, which definitely says a lot. So if you haven’t heard it yet, hurry up and you won’t regret it!

Tamer Hosny has been taking the lead, but what will happen when Amr Diab finally drops his album? Let’s wait and see.