Solving The Worst Vacation Problem: How To Pack in Style!

Packing can be one of the most dreadful tasks but what keeps you going is the exciting trip ahead and we know that most of us will enjoy themselves in Sahel, Gouna or whatever.

Here’s how to pack without forgetting your toothbrush -we know you did at least once- while looking put together in those Instagram stories.

1- Start early

We know this may sound a bit cliché but having a mobile note to write whatever comes to your mind can be extremely helpful. This will help you to remember those tiny details while preventing stressing over packing when you actually get to do it.

2- Search for ready made packing lists

You will find customized lists online whatever your destination is. For example, if you are heading to Sahel, you can easily search “Beach packing list”. You can print it out and tick your list along the way.

3- Check Instagram

You can easily check out the destination you are heading to and get an idea of what to pack. This will definitely help you to add new places to your list especially if you are heading overseas.

4- Multitask

You should focus on items that can be worn in more than one way. Maybe a nice T-shirt that would look nice on its own, but even better under a printed kimono.

5- Try things out

We all have those items we don’t ever wear unless we are going on a vacation but as years pass by, those items may not fit us nicely anymore. You should pack items that you are confident enough that would perfectly fit especially when it comes to swimsuits.

6- Don’t go overboard

This one especially goes for our makeup lovers. Vacation can be the perfect time to give your skin a break -mainly from high coverage foundations and cakey powders- while enjoying a nice tan. The main things you shouldn’t neglect though are your skincare favorites especially your SPF.

7- Enjoy!

Vacations are not always about dressing up and showing off your outfits. Sometimes it’s the best mental break to keep going through the year. Remember to enjoy yourself and take a ton of photos to keep the memories forever.