Unnoticed Mistakes In Your Favourite Movies Pt.III

“Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for”. After two parts of hunting down the mistakes of U.S. movies and tv series, we couldn’t find a better way to end the series than to hunt the mistakes of Egyptian movies!

Let’s first agree on something, Egyptian movies have a lot of mistakes. And we say a lot, we mean that there’s almost no movie free of any mistakes. That’s why we decided to focus on the major ones found in movies that almost everyone has seen at least once. Let’s also agree that unlike the two previous parts, we won’t be mentioning Egyptian TV here because let’s face it! Egyptian movies have some seriously major mistakes, but Egyptian TV series? Those have some gravity defying scenes that could take a complete article for each scene just to find out “in which galaxy was the director’s mind floating during the shooting of those scenes?”

Without any further introductions, we present to you the weirdest unnoticed Egyptian movie mistakes.

Asal Eswed:

Statistically if you’re Egyptian, you must have seen this one before, even if you don’t watch Egyptian movies at all. At “Sham El Neseem” after Masry is told that the water he’s drinking comes from the Nile, the next scene shows him in the bathroom throwing up. The thing is that at one shot we see him throwing up in the toilet, but in the next we see him throwing up in the washing basin. What is most surprising is that none of the cast or the crew noticed such a huge mistake, one that resulted of course in the change of all of the other actors’ positions. I would really love to meet the director and ask him: “are you satisfied with this? TELL ME are you satisfied with this?!”

عسل أسود


Personally, I think this film is one of the best ones at its time concerning the plot and the acting, but that doesn’t excuse the fact the director had probably gotten tired during the last scene. In that scene when Khaled is shot, we see the blood all over his body and mouth. In the next shot however, his mouth is perfectly clean! I heard a lot about people swallowing their tears when they’re crying, but I never imagined someone would swallow his blood whilst dying!


Ghaby Meno Feeh:

Just to be fair, that movie had one purpose and one purpose only; laughter. It wasn’t supposed to be meaningful movie or one with a great plot, and that’s why I don’t believe that its mistakes should annoy anyone much. In the scene where Nosah’s car gets tucked into the other gang’s car, Nosah tries to talk to the police behind them but the back windshield gets shot by 2 bullets which break the glass. But in a following shot during the same scene, the car is viewed from the back, and the windshield is as good as new. In any other movie I would make a fuss about how bad this mistake is and how any director could let such thing happen. But I believe that the movie had just one goal, and it achieved it.

غبى منه فيهNems Bond:

Now comes what I believe is the worst continuity mistake in the history of movie making. I have to warn you first that this could take a while. In Nems Bond, Sherif breaks into the villa where the murder took place and throws a grenade inside. We obviously see that it’s night time and that the whole place is completely dark, but in the next shot Sherif goes to the upper floor where a window behind him shows the sun crystal clear! I could only think of two possibilities for this. Either that the first floor follows a different time zone than the rest of the house, or that the explosion that Sherif made earlier caused a unique case of singularity that makes the house disobey the laws of space-time.

The problem here is that in the next shot it’s dark, then there’s sunlight, then it’s dark again. This continues for about 23 minutes! I cannot understand how a huge mistake like this could happen in a movie for 23 whole minutes. Did this movie even have a director at all? What’s even more annoying is that this movie is not a short movie or an independent film. This was a big movie starred by one of the biggest names at the time that movie was made. How could such an idiotic mistake pass unnoticed?!

Out of respect to the minds of everyone reading this, and due to limited article space, we couldn’t show pictures of the whole scene. So we just took a simple snap to show the idea.

نمس بوند

EL Feel El Azra’:

The Blue Elephant, or El Feel El Azra’, is one of the most popular and successful Egyptian movies ever. Simply because it introduces an idea that is relatively new to the Egyptian movie theatre with high and respectful quality. Since it’s been out, people have pointed out the logical mistakes in the plot, but what caught our attention was something else. The first time Yehia and Lobna meet, they sit in a café and they order coffee, and the coffee arrives exactly 8 seconds after the order has been made. I know a lot of restaurants and cafés brag about their fast service, but unless the Flash works part-time in that café, this is simply unexplainable.

الفيل الأزرق

Hope you enjoyed our trilogy of ruining movies. Make sure to leave us a comment and tell us what you liked, what got you annoyed and what mistakes did we forget to mention.