Egypt’s Tourism Bounces Back Strong as the Country Stabilizes

Egypt has always been viewed as one of the best destinations for an affordable holiday by many foreigners. However, during the past years the tourism sector which was accountable for a major percentage of Egypt’s GDP has faced a lengthy slump due to political instability, a matter which affected the country’s economic status greatly.

Luckily for us, tourism started to come back stronger than ever! This July, Egypt witnessed a huge boost in the number of tourists visiting the Red Sea. The number of visitors reached 505,710 which is more than 130,000 more than that of June. The hotel occupancy of the Red Sea also reached a new high of 74%.

According to Egypt Today, that number included 125,141 tourists from Germany, 106,731 from Egypt, 36,000 from the Czech Republic, 24,000 from Poland, 24,000 from Britain, 17,000 from Ukraine, 16,500 from the Netherlands, 13,000 from Austria, 12,800 from Belgium, 12,000 from Slovakia, 11,000 from Belarus, 10,700 from Italy, 8,700 from France, and 8,000 from Switzerland.

That’s not the only good news we hear from the tourism sector. Just this week, Egypt discovered a new Sphinx during the development of Al-Kabbash Road project. The discovery was declared by General Director of Luxor Antiquities Mohamed Abdel Aziz who also stated that they’re currently working on lifting the statue.

Back in July, Forbes published an article on why 2018 is the year you should visit Egypt. The article included important aspects like the current stability of the country, affordability, variety of places to visit, and cool hotels.

We’re just happy to see tourism reviving once again. While we’re at it, make sure to check those hidden gems in Egypt and plan your next trip in this magical country.