5 Instagram Accounts That Will Jazz Up Your Feed

With today’s technology and online platforms, it has become easier to see and experience new things online, with just a swipe of your fingertip you can find yourself transformed into a new place, at a different period, experiencing adventurous things. So whether its photography, bookish accounts or fashion blogs, here are 5 Instagram accounts that we promise you will jazz up your daily life.

1. The Bookish Word

If you’re in love with sunflowers and the radiant color Yellow then The Bookish Word is the account for you. Noha Badawi is a passionate bookaholic and a spectacular photographer, a dedicated blogger where she posts everything from book reviews and book photography, to everyday new projects. With just the simplest of materials, she can transform anything into an exquisite masterpiece. One of her most popular and amazing projects is #wordstellstories in which she sits down with book lovers, listens to their stories of how they fell in love with books and literature.

2. Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel is a New York-based photographer, who has become a worldwide sensation due to his breathtaking photography techniques. Offering hack and tricks to capture that one photograph, Brandon‘s goal is to inspire people everywhere and to help them embrace their inner artist. Brandon‘s profile is the home for every wannabe and professional photographers.

3. Nour Arida

If you’re a fashion lover then you must have stumbled into Nour Arida‘s profile. Nour is a Lebanese fashion, the founder of her own brand N FOR NOUR, and a proud mother. Through Nour‘s account, you will get a glimpse of her daily life that is filled with fashion, food, and her beautiful daughter Ayla.

4. Sazan

Sazan Hendrix is a Beauty and lifestyle blogger. With her charming personality and beautiful everyday looks, Sazan‘s profile has quickly become a platform for young girls and women where they can get tips and ideas for their clothes, makeup and hair, Sazan is also an inspiration when it comes to mothers, showing, the post-pregnancy struggles that some women face and how to overcome them and grasp that self-esteem.

5. The Sunday Chapter

Angela Giakas is a Style, Fashion & Travel, the founder of The Sunday Chapter blog where she documents the everyday details of her travels. Angela was under the spotlight when she gained over 400k followers in less than 2 weeks, some even went as far as accusing her of buying followers. A ridiculous accusation as you only has to take one look at her profile and feed and you will understand the love and the passion she has in her life. Which why her profile has become an escape for many people online.