People Shared Their Stories about Finding Love for the First Time – Part Two


The beauty and heartbreak of the stories of first love is could never be contained in one single article, which is why we had to spread them out into two parts. If you haven’t read the first five confessions, you can find them over here.

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1- “I’ve been in love with him for the past three years and the idiot has no idea. When I met him, I’d just gotten back to Egypt after being away for a couple of years and everything was a bit complicated. I was living out in my own bubble, didn’t have much friends and probably didn’t speak much either; he was the exact polar opposite. He was (still is) the most popular boy at school, you know, the smart and friendly kid who liked everyone and everyone liked. I could remember a few incidences where he’d try striking up a conversation with me but I’d just stammer or not know what to say. If I’m completely honest, I was also a bit jealous of him, of his popularity, of his straight A’s, of how confident and sure of himself he was. That sort of pushed me to try to be more like him; I started making more friendships, studying more than I ever did and I just tried doing whatever he did. Last year, we had a class together and I took it as an opportunity to get closer. We would go out to study together sometimes and we gradually got closer. I haven’t told him yet, I want to though. He’s leaving for university soon and it’s my only shot before he goes. I hope I muster up the courage to do it; I wanna tell him about how much loving him changed my life, how much he affected me even when he was a total stranger.” – Anonymous, 17.

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2- “She was an athlete, and someone I really cared about. I’d find myself attending her training and matches, always wondering what she was up to and looking forward to when I’d meet her next. We got together a year after we had met and we stayed together for about 3 years. I always felt like myself with her, natural and stripped down, guess she rubbed off on me and along the way, I realized that even though I’m the same, I’ve changed somehow for the better. I told my mum about her, made plans for us, but it all went to waste the moment she broke it off when we went to university. Our 3-year relationship ended for what petty reasons; we were both busy because of college and she felt like I wasn’t giving her as much attention as before. I think the worst part about all this is that she went around spreading lies about why we broke up, saying I cheated when I never did and never could’ve. We’re didn’t keep in touch, at least not anymore, she never texted me first but I always wished her well on her birthdays; I stopped after I discovered the whole cheating rumor she’d been spreading. I guess why I’m sure it was love is that, three years later, I was still hung up on her despite everything. – K.A, 21

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3- “It all started when I was in seventh grade, I was just starting Archery practice and I’d never really interacted with boys before that. So, naturally, I was a bit self-conscious and nervous because I wasn’t really sure how to act around anyone or how they’d react towards me. He, however, never even batted an eye as he made his way to me and started talking, trying to get to know me. He slowly eased me into the conversation, made me feel like my shyness isn’t that much of a barrier anymore. Afterwards, I wasn’t going to practice for the sake of the sport, rather for him. We got closer, became best friends and I’d always find beauty in everything he did and everything he said. We stayed that way until the day he literally was a knight in shining armor. I’d had this messed up fight at home and I’d curled myself up, crying my heart out, and he came to me. With his usual smile and a bouquet full of roses, he comforted me at first, and then he confessed. It really felt like some Disney fairy tale (minus the evil witch) and dating him felt more like a fantasy than reality. We’re not together anymore, but our friendship is stronger than ever. I don’t think I’d ever let him go, I couldn’t bear losing him. I actually do think we work better this way, we’re too toxic as a couple, I suppose. Although if I had to do it all over again, I would pick him over and over again.” – H.S, 17.

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4- “We met through a mutual friend. She was a year younger than me and we didn’t really talk much until she brought up her new Math professor, who used to be my favorite professor at college. Everything sort of flowed afterwards; we bonded over Math and sports since we were both jocks turned geeks. I drove her home for three days straight and she told me afterwards that it wasn’t going anywhere with the guy she was seeing then. We kissed right there on university premise and got into some trouble with the security, but I took care of it. I knew I was knees deep in love when, this one time, she was talking about a book that I was totally not interested in but I found myself still listening carefully, I realized that I’m listening simply because she is the one talking. We had a good thing going on, but unfortunately all good things come to an end, and we broke it off after ten months. Although we had a bit of a fall out for over a year following the breakup, we got back in touch and we mostly keep each other updated with the major developments in our lives. I’m always glad to hear from her even if I am over what we had; it’s cool to have someone as amazing as her back in my life and I understand why it didn’t work out for us. I’m really proud of her as well, of how far she’s come in her career and her insistence on making a difference.” – Anonymous, 28

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5- “Back in 2006, I lived near a Domino’s Pizza branch and they used to give you these movie guides for MBC2. Since we were both such film nerds, I’d get him those guides even if he never asked for them and we’d talk all about those movies and the actors. We were best friends in no time and I couldn’t help falling in love with him. I was the one who confessed at first and you couldn’t imagine the happiness I felt when he said he felt the same. It wasn’t really taboo in our school community for a Christian boy to be in a relationship with a Muslim girl, or vice versa, because it was pretty much normal so no one really cared, except maybe the teachers. I can recall a thousand memories with him because we were so tangled up with each other; we’d study together, go out together and stay for hours on the phone, like HOURS (the bill literally reached a 1000 L.E. at one point). He often created those silly Nokia themes for me and I’d swoon over them like they were the greatest thing ever. I had to break it off after a year though; it always felt like it was a dead end yet it was the most beautiful experience ever. I haven’t talked to him for a long while, we sort of drifted apart after graduation. Funnily enough, I still remember his favorite film; it was Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happiness (or basically every Will Smith movie). – W.H, 24.

Still hungry for more? Here’s one extra story for you!

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6- “My school had these theater events where each class would “display” what they’ve learned about various subjects. I think I was 12 going on 13 when I bumped into him, I remember feeling like my whole body was in immense pain on that day: head spinning and stomach growling like there were knives slowly cutting up my insides. Even though I’d taken my medicine dose, my body felt like I was on fire, I guess that’s what a fever does to you. I’ve never been that ill before. That morning, my mom had begged me not to go to school, but I was as persistent as hell. Why? Because it was display day and I couldn’t let my teachers down. So there I was, leaning on the staircase closest to the theater’s backstage, waiting for my turn while listening to a friend’s story and trying as hard as possible to ignore my discomfort. I was so into what my friend was saying when a soft air breeze came my way and I found myself unconsciously doing a little arm swing. Suddenly my friend cuts her story, starts giggling and staring at something, so I turned around to see what was going on, only to find a guy laying on the ground and others helping him up. Turns out that air breeze was the dude literally falling over me, and my little arm swing was a reflex to push him away. A smile crept to my face as I realized what I’d done without knowing, and I know it’s hard to believe but I swear to God it’s true. After that incident, I was feeling better. Fate has thrown that dude my way a couple more times after that and for a while I thought he was the one. He wasn’t. I’m not in love with him anymore, nor are we in touch. In a way, he’s still in my head, if that makes sense. ” – Z.N, 18


Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their first love while they’re young though, some might not even find themselves one till they’re middle aged, if at all.  So if you’re wondering when that fuzzy feeling everyone talks about will hit you, don’t worry, it will soon enough. However, when it does, be sure to be ready for the storm that follows.