Former Monk in Custody for Bishop Epiphanius murder

Credits: La stampa

On 29th of July, Bishop Epiphanius was found dead. The deceased was 64 years old, positioned as the head of Anba Makar Monastery in Wadi Natroun. Egyptian authorities have arrested a former monk for the murder of the Bishop, named Wael Sa’ad. He will be detained for four days till renewal.

The suspect was stripped of his monk name, Ishaih Al Makari after the murder as a result of an investigation in the Church. He was guilty of performing ” “inappropriate actions” violating monks’ behavior. No further elaboration was released by the special committee in charge of the investigation.

After Ishaih is expelled from the monastery, another young monk attempted suicide by cutting his arteries and throwing himself from the highest building in the monastery. The attempt didn’t succeed and he’s now treated in the hospital.

Followed the suicide, Ishaih admits collaborating with the later monk in the plot of killing Bishop Epiphanius. The murder is considered an immense shock to the Coptic community in Egypt.

According to Reuters, Pope Tawadros II, head of the Coptic church has taken some strict actions to prevent what’s calimed as ” violations of the principles of poverty and chastity”.

Noted that Pope Tawadrous and other Christian figures closed their social media accounts since the murder. The church is still remaining silent on the matter.