AUC Tries to Forcefully Deport Yemeni Student, Najm, and Social Media Saves Him

Watching your home turn into ruins is heartbreaking, being forced to leave it because death has taken your place on the dinner table is heartwrenching, and being forcefully deported back despite pleading a million times that going back is suicide is absolutely terrifying. But you know what all those three have in common? They’re real, and they’re things that happened to Najm Al Iryani at AUC.

Earlier today a Facebook post by a former AUCian went viral. In this post, Najm explained that he has been expelled from college after landing there. Which wasn’t surprising, up until he said that they booked him a ticket back to Yemen. During the war, his entire family has been killed because of where they stand politically. He appealed to the board and explained that going back would mean sharing the same faith as his family and that he needs to seek asylum, but they didn’t care. Acting out of desperation, Najm canceled the plane ticket without telling them, and that’s when stuff got really bad.

6 to 7 security guards led by Brigadier Ahmed Ismail stormed his room and looked through his stuff before asking him to give back the ticket’s money and the scholarship’s laptop, then told him that they’d be picking him up at 1:00 AM for his new flight, keeping his passport and ticket with them. After a while, Najm went to eat in point 90 and was taken aback by AUC security guards taking him back to his room in a golf cart because he was not allowed to leave. After pleading, again, to the Brigadier, saying that sending him back there is murder, he was met with the following words: “No one’s dying, kid. You miss your country, don’t you?” and again, “you’re sending me to die there!” was met with “Listen, if you die, it’s God’s will. Just fate.”

After that, he was sent to the airport with guards to keep him imprisoned. Thankfully his post went viral before his plane took off and now he’s in a safe place until he meets with UNHCR, who intervened for his sake.

This not only violates everything AUC stands for, but they had absolutely no right to take such an action, considering his Visa was still valid. No one other than a governmental personnel has the authority to deport anyone on Egyptian soil.