Tameem Youness drops Enti Ay Kalam and you Need to Leave Everything and Check it Out!

It’s summer season, also known as, music season. The past couple of weeks have witnessed the release of Tamer Hosny’s album, Elissa’s, Amr Diab’s famous Da Law Etsab, and that’s not even the beginning of it. With all that going on, just yesterday, Tameem Youness dropped his single, Enti Ay Kalam and this song is everything the music scene needed!


The breakup song is definitely a work of art. With it’s”deep” lyrics, that’s practically everything you’d want to tell an ex. So, we’re here to thank and appreciate all those guys for giving us the best breakup text and song EVER. Chapeau Youssef El Sherif, begad.

Speaking of begad, did you spot Marwan Younis playing the drums in the background? Ahmed Bahaa from Sharmoofers also made an appearance in this masterpiece.

The tunes of the song are a whole other story. I mean, if this isn’t something they play in Sahel parties next, why are we even going?

And we definitely had a say about it..

It’s no joke, we’ll be dancing to Enti Ay Kalam for the foreseeable future!