#GoingSuccessful: Sary Hany, From an Architect to an Award Winning Music Producer

Photo Credits: Unknown

For years, Sary Hany chose to remain behind the cameras. This artist focused on what he did better than anybody else, he created music like no other and remained away from the spotlight. However, one day, he decided that it’s about time he steps out of his studio and performs live, and that’s when all the magic happened.

Sary Hany was born on the 28th of April in 1985, however, his passion for music started when he turned 8. Shortly after, the young talent started performing in live concerts as a lead guitarist before reaching the age of 10. As years passed, he went into university, studied architecture and got his bachelor’s degree. But the music passion was still there, and years later he was performing as Sharmoofer’s lead guitarist at the Redbull Soundclash 2015.

The whole game changed when Sary got a chance to compose the music for Coca-Cola’s summer 2005 campaign. Later, he created music for some of the biggest names world-wide, that includes Pepsi, Vodafone, Cadbury, and Lamborghini. He also was the sole producer of the soundtrack of the German documentary Gaza Surf Club.

In 2014 Hany, alongside with his partner Ahmed El Hady (aka Hudz), founded Egypt’s first music production house ever, ‘Key 66 Productions’. The place included a fully equipped studio and it covered everything musicians needed to create! He formed a team of producers and together, they produced their first album ever for Egypt’s lead band, Sharmoofers.

Hany was also the mastermind behind the music of the large #ThisIsEgypt campaign which was launched in 2015. This campaign has won multiple awards for being the best tourism promotional video back in 2017.

Sary Hany was also involved in the music production for some of the best Egyptian bands in the scene which includes Cairokee, and this year, we were introduced to the killer collab between him and Zap Tharwat in their latest album, Al-Madina.

So there you have it guys, the story of how this architect became our favorite award-winning music composer. Who do you want to see next on #GoingSuccessful?