4 Exceptional Outings for Those Who are Done With Cafes and Restaurants

Meeting up with your friends or family members is entertaining but, let’s admit that going to the same places on a weekly basis can be quite boring. That’s why we are going to recommend places where you can do fun activities that will add a little bit of entertainment into your life.

1- Sky zone Egypt

A place where you can jump for hours and get out all the negative energy after a tough week is all the therapy you currently need. It’s located inside Dandy mall. If you decide to go, don’t forget to take a picture while you are bouncing in the air.

2- Pirates paintball

If you are searching for a fun activity full of colors, this is yours!
Having a color fight while being surrounded by the Pirates of the Caribbean spirit is definitely an interesting experience that you can enjoy especially when you are out with a large group of friends as you would compete in different teams.

3- Ski Egypt

For all winter lovers -that are definitely melting right now- you would enjoy this one!
You will have an unforgettable experience -full of ice- which is definitely needed to beat the heat. The most exciting upgrade that they recently got is having penguins, how cute is that?
You can take pictures with them and maybe fool your work colleagues that you enjoyed the last weekend overseas.

4- Dinner in the sky

If all you care about is food, this one is the perfect outing for you. You can enjoy your dinner with -not your average- view. It’s a luxurious dinning experience that you can enjoy while flying over the busy streets of Cairo.

Having the right company is what keeps life entertaining and remember that sometimes the place doesn’t matter as long as you are surrounded by those you love.