Unnoticed Mistakes In Your Favourite Movies & TV Shows Pt.II

If you’re reading this right now, then you have probably read the first part where I enjoyed ruining your favourite movies and TV series by revealing their worst and most unexplainable mistakes. If you haven’t, make sure to check it out here.

And since I got to annoy only some of you in the first part, I decided to complete my mission and ruin 6 more popular movies and series. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the scenes that make us question if the directors had called in sick the days they were filmed.

  • We Are The Millers:

Now the mistake here is in everyone’s favourite scene in the movie. The infamous “kissing scene”. When Dave and Rose come into the RV to find Casey and Kenny kissing, we notice that the door is on the left side of the couch which is even more noticeable when Dave stretches his hand with his phone to take a picture. When Melissa comes through the door however, we see everyone looking at the opposite direction. To be honest I have absolutely no idea how something like that happened or how it was ignored. Was the director too distracted by the scene maybe?

We Are The Millers

  • Gladiator:

This one doesn’t make me annoyed as much as it makes me feel sad. Gladiator was a film that had a budget of $103M in the year 2000. You would expect the movie makers not to let anything slip from under their noses. I mean I failed my history classes, but I’m pretty sure that the Roman Empire didn’t have gas tanks in their chariots.


  • Breaking Bad:

Being one of the most successful and highly rated TV shows ever with a rating of 9.5/10 on IMDB, you’d expect everyone to look closely for the tiny details while filming, because we definitely did. In one scene you find Gus writing something down, the problem is he’s writing with the wrong end of the pen! I mean I know it’s something ridiculous and that it’s not a major mistake. But still, since it was something that silly, why couldn’t it have been done right?

Breaking Bad

The Fault in Our Stars:

I can only imagine the amount of hate I’m going to get from girls for this. Although it doesn’t really affect the plot, I believe this is one of the most major mistakes ever, especially for a movie as big as this. In the scene where Gus gives Isaac his trophy to smash after his girlfriend dumped him, at one shot we can see him smashing a trophy but in the next shot however, he’s holding a completely different one. That makes me wonder if the title of the movie means the faults that the stars of the movie make.

God I’m going to stay single for a while now…

The Fault in Our Stars

  • How I Met Your Mother:

Again with the continuity error, when the gang is at the bar and a couple is sitting on the table, Ted goes to them and kicks them away. If we ignore the obvious fact that the couple were just staring at each other silently and suddenly starting moving their lips, we cannot ignore that the woman takes the phone on the table with her while getting up, only to come back saying that she forgot her phone. And it’s actually there?! What kind of sorcery is this?!


  • Spider-Man: Homecoming:

Of all the movies I’ve ruined, this one hurts me the most. Marvel is one of the biggest companies in the film scene and, it’s seriously unacceptable that Peter Parker would get scarred from the gigantic fight that he had one day, and would look as good as new the next day. Seriously, not even a small scratch anywhere? Unless Spidey secretly has the healing powers of Wolverine, I cannot find any explanation to that.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Annoyed yet? If not, then wait for the third and final part where we explore the mistakes of *drum roll*… Egyptian movies!