Why Barney Stinson Is My Dream Guy

Barney Stinson was one of the most charming and handsome fictional characters in television history. He was always portrayed as the womanizer businessman who’s afraid of commitment but he was much more than that. Maybe the story was about how Ted Mosby found his wife but to me Barney Stinson was the real stud on the show.

He can crack a joke in the saddest times

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Barney was one of the funniest characters on the show. His sense of humor and wittiness always made us laugh our hearts out. Even on the saddest episodes on the show he was able to cheer us up.

He’s caring towards his friends

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We have witnessed Barney supporting Ted in many of his breakups and didn’t propose to Robin until Ted approved of the engagement. We’ve seen Barney offering a job for Marshall at GNB when Marshall was in dire need for a job. He was a relationship mentor for Lily and Marshall in many of their recurring fights. He deliberately tried to cheer Robin a lot even after they broke up.

He’s family oriented

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Barney was always a family oriented; he always supported his gay brother but most importantly was always caring towards his mother. He even faked a wife and a child just to make his mother happy. Even when he found his father, he loved him no matter what he did to the family.

He’s extremely committed in relationships

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Barney was always the womanizer that lied to women to get in their pants. But his character has developed later in the show when he fell for Robin and began a committed relationship with her. Even when he was with Norah he always searched for ways to win her affection. He was also committed to Quinn Garvey when they used to date.

He’s an awesome dad

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When Barney first saw his daughter he told her what he could not tell anyone before “You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.”  Who knew that Barney Stinson’s repentance was in having a girl?