#GoingSuccessful: Social Media Sensation And Entrepreneur Hadia Ghaleb

Another week and another #GoingSuccessful article, and this week we’re featuring none than other the Social-Media sensation Hadia Ghaleb.
Hadia 5
You must have stumbled onto her accounts on social media, or if you’re a fashion freak like some of us then you have been following her from the time she started her blog. With her breathtaking fashion blog, and her entertaining content Hadia was able to not only to win the heart of fans from all over the world but also gain over 1 Million followers on Instagram. You should check her hashtag #AlGhalbFans, where she takes awesome photos with her fans all over the world.
Graduating back in 2014 from The American University in Cairo with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business. Hadia then worked her way up and she successfully founded her own business, the marketing consulting company Ghaleb Production House. Making her one of the youngest CEO‘s to achieve such great success. Move aside Kylie Jenner because Hadia is a force to be recognized.

Hadia even starred in the E! Reality Television series My Fabulous M.E that aired back in 2017.

Trying to balance both her business and personal life, Hadia mentioned several times online that it’a hard process especially due to her traveling schedule, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it as she’s doing the thing she’s truly passionate about.

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