#GoingHistorical: 5 Firsts Happened In July Through History!

July has been a fruitful month through history.
Why do you think typewriters were invented? and do you know the story behind ice-cream cones? Or that Alice In Wonderland were told a long time before being published?
A lot of interesting first times were in July, and we gathered for you 5 of them!

1. The creation of Alice In Wonderland story, 4th of July 1862:

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The English writer Lewis Carroll was on a boat trip from Oxford to Godstow when he told the story Alice In Wonderland for the 1st time. With him on the boat, a girl named Alice asked him to entertain her and her sisters. So, he told her a story about a girl named Alice who fell into a rabbit hole and found herself in another world. He told about her adventures but it was a bit different than the story we all know. Alice asked him to write the story but he never did, until November 1964 the story was written and titled Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. In 1865 the story was published under the name Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

2. The 1st FIFA world cup, 13th of July 1930:

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The world’s favorite sports event has taken place for the 1st time in Uruguay in 1930. After withdrawing football from the Olympics program, FIFA decided to organize an international championship. In the 1st tournament, 13 teams have participated without qualifying matches, and it was the first and last time to have a world cup without qualifications. The tournament lasted for 18 days, and the final took place on the 30th of July between Uruguay and Argentina. Uruguay made victory with score 4-2 ahead of more than 90 000 spectators.

3. “The Eagle Has Landed”,  20th of July 1969:

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On 24th of July 1969, Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon and return to earth was accomplished. Apollo 11 launched from Florida, Cape Kennedy on the 16th of July carrying Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. Apollo 11 returned to earth on the 24th of July. President Nixon prepared a speech in case of Apollo 11 failure, it was possible that Apollo 11 wouldn’t return home. When the astronauts returned they had samples from the moon surface to examine, but they -the astronauts- had to be reserved for 21 days in case the caught any disease during their mission.

4. The patent of typewriters, 23rd of July 1829:

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Back to the 18th century, many attempts to create the typewriter were made, but it was never built. In early 19th century, the typewriter was created to help the blind in writing. There are two versions; one says that the Italian Agostino Fantoni built it to help his blind sister, the other says that the Italian Pellegrino Turri built it to help Countess Carolina Fantoni da Fivizzano to keep interacting with her friends after losing her sight. A novel written by Carey Wallace was released in 2010 called The Blind Contessa’s New Machine, referring to the invention of typewriter.

On the 23rd of July 1829, American William Austin Burt patents “typographer” (typewriter), to be the actual construction of a typing machine for the first time in any country. The concept of inventing the type writing machine was to make it easier to keep up with the modern world, handwriting all papers was not a suitable option then, and the world needed a faster tool.

5. The occurrence of ice-cream cones, 23rd of July 1904:

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Since the Greek Empire and passing through different eras through history, there were many desserts similar to ice-cream where different flavors and elements were added to ice. During the 16th century, there were some Italian chefs who had recipes for flavored ice, and during the 17th century and the 18th century ice-cream recipes appeared in Europe. So, apparently ice-cream has gone through different stages through history till nowadays. But, ice-cream cone is a fresh new addition that appeared only in early 20th century, and its invention was a total coincidence.

On the 23rd of July 1904, during St. Louis World Fair -an international fair held in St. Louis, Missouri, US- the first ice-cream cone was created. A Syrian waffles vendor named Ernest Hamwi noticed that his fellow ice-cream vendor Arnold Fornachou was out of cups. So, he sold him some waffles and rolled them into cones to use them instead of paper cups, and it was the very first time to add ice-cream scoops into edible cones.